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The Huns
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The Huns:
Cloze Activity

Fill in the blanks below using the word bank.

Word Bank:

The Huns were a group of nomadic (___________________________), warlike people from Central ________________________ (Mongolia) who terrorized, pillaged, and destroyed much of Asia and Europe during the ____________________ century. The use of the stirrup gave the Huns a technological advantage over other warriors of the time. Stirrups are loops hung from a ___________________________ that support a horse rider's ___________________________; they let the Huns stay on their horses while wielding ___________________________.

The ___________________________ successfully defended themselves against the Huns (building a Great Wall to defend themselves), but the people of India, Persia, and eastern and central Europe were invaded by hordes of Huns. On horseback, separate groups of Huns defeated the Goths of ___________________________ Europe, the Roman Empire (ruled by Emperor Theodosius), and many other areas. The Huns settled in the area that is now called Hungary.

The Hunnish people, under their leader Rugulas, attacked the Roman ___________________________ in A.D. 430 , forcing the Romans to pay huge tributes of ___________________________ to the Huns. Rugulas' nephew, Attila, became the co-leader of the Huns in A.D. 433 , with Attila's brother Bleda. In A.D. _____________________ , Attila ___________________________ his brother and became ruler of the Huns.

Attila the Hun (about 406-453) was the most successful king of the Huns; Attila means "Scourge of God." Under Attila's rule, the Huns united and extended their territory greatly, reaching ever deeper into Europe.

Attila died in his sleep from a serious ___________________________ (but some people say that he was poisoned). After Attila's death, Attila's ___________________________ fought over who would rule the Huns. The resulting chaos was exploited by the Ostrogoths and other Germanic tribes, who took this opportunity to revolt against the ___________________________, and the Hunnish empire soon broke apart.

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